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Joachim Svela

Creative Lead
at Sopra Steria Creative

Beyond her technical skills, Samin is a pleasure to collaborate with. She brings a positive attitude to her work, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure project success. Her professionalism and strong work ethic make her a reliable team member who consistently meets project deadlines and delivers high-quality work.


Anders Bryngle

Producer | Director
at Wijken Film AB 

We have worked on several projects together - most recently with web design. Samin has a strongly developed sense of form and is one of the most imaginative creators I have worked with. She backs up her artistry with a high level of knowledge in the various tools she uses. I have always appreciated her efficient execution of the project.


Neda Omidvar

Illustrator | Curator
at Barbara Edwards Contemporary

Samin was an absolute joy to work with, never ceasing to bring a sense of humour to our projects. She was a great self-starter, very ambitious and a fantastic team player. I was also always amazed by her research skills and her dedication to work. She would go above and beyond to complete any task and was always happy to help us in any way she could.


Ellen Chang-Richardson

Author | Co-founder and Co-curator
at Riverbed Reading Series

If you are looking to hire a designer to help you create promotional for your company, look no further.  Not only is Samin extremely talented, she listens to her clients and designs with her client's feedback and individual brand in mind. Working with Samin is so easy and she continues to be a delight to collaborate with.


Lucia De Mojà

Developer | Technical Project Manager at ALGO ALLIANCE

Samin is a girl with great talent and sensibility. She is intuitive and easygoing, solves any issue with method and patience and it is effortless to work around obstacles together. She is honest and direct and there is no greater pleasure than work with people that express their mind for me.


David Wahlby

Head of Strategy
at ICA Banken

I've had the pleasure to interact with Samin in her design works on some occasions and have always appreciated her professionalism and drive. With a keen eye for how to turn ideas into results she exhibits the traits needed to deliver great results. Her drive and focus on the issue at hand guarantees a job well done.

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