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UX Project: mat på vei

May 2021



3.5 hours




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Paper and Pen


Mat På Vei is about a new plan to encourage its users to setup automatic refills for their frequently needed groceries, collect points, and use special weekly prices for customers.


Mat på Vei can offer different preset weekly

food packages such as Vegetarian, Vegan,

Gluten-Free, Bistro, Healthy, Climate etc.


Also, customers are able to make their own

weekly shopping package and change/edit/

cancel it anytime with no contract

Customers who purchase these weekly packages online receive special bonuses and discounts offered by Ruters & Mat på Vei


Customers are able to pick up their weekly packages on several subway station shopping centres and/or selected fitness center.


This way, customers don’t need to make an extra stop to pick up their groceries. This makes the shopping experience more efficient and user-friendly. 

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