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Conversational AI Project: 

nom nom bot




Visual Design

Interaction Design

Voice Interaction




4 Days 



The Digital 

Assistant Academy




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign


Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet (for usability test and interview) 

nom nom.jpg

Eating vegetarian foods can be exciting and good for the planet. this chatbot is meant to inspire the user to cook healthy vegetarian meals. The bot can be used by individuals or by a company such as a grocery store.


The app can be programmed to take inventory of the store’s products, such as chickpeas, and provides the buyer with a delicious meal recipe, including that item.



I decided to create this chatbot because I struggled with meal planning when I first became a vegetarian. I grew up eating mostly meat and fish, so naturally, I was very clueless at first. I spent about a year just eating bread and yoghurt, as I couldn’t think of vegetarian meals to cook. With time, I learned about numerous vegetarian meals and am now able to enjoy a wide variety of foods that I can cook for myself and others. I wanted to create an app that would help people like myself and show them that eating vegetarian is not difficult but that it can be fun and exciting and good for our planet.
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