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UI Project: HEIM



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Heim App

Heim App is a responsive web app that offers various properties, mostly in three famous cities of Iceland. This app tries to provides more information for non-Icelandic people who determined to move to Iceland and want to know more about tax information before buying properties. Clients can see properties remotely by booking video calls or see view 360 degrees of the area on the app. Also, there are several pages about the most popular cities of Iceland as an “open guide”.



This project was an opportunity for me to develop my UI skills while learning more about a country that I was always fascinated with. Iceland has a unique landscape which makes it an exciting context for architects for their adventurous architectural design. As a young professional who is also planning to have a family and a prosperous future, finding my dream home was a big motivation to fulfil the requirements of this exercise.  

Designing a real-state application requires an extensive understanding of how the market flow, communication, presentation, and transactions occur in certain areas. In short, it should reflect an economic structure that underlies a particular housing market.  My role was to identify how this culture has been functioning over a vast geographical territory, which doesn’t have a diverse housing market despite its vastness. Iceland is a relatively big piece of land in the middle of North Atlantic, but from the population standpoint,  it is only as big as several neighbourhoods spread in a large area. This application’s framework is based on thorough research of existing online resources and their market criteria, presentation method, and sorting preferences of the households.  

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