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UX/ UI Project: Musixpert





Market Analysis

Visual Design

Interaction Design



5 Months 



Student Project of 

Career Foundry 



Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign


Optimal Sort

Usability Hub

Musixpert app is a local web-based application for Torontonian that helps users who are looking for local music experts for different demands such as teaching, composing, arranging, playing, etc. to connect and find the right person(s) for their project/class.


Having the experience of working with musicians as a producer and manager was my primary motivation to choose this topic for my UX/UI project. I tried to integrate my real-life knowledge and to learn from this program to create a comprehensive and handy application for music experts. Throughout the process, the feedback received from the instructors as well as musicians that I worked with before, advanced, and evolved the design to the current state. I believe this project has excellent potential for future development and could incorporate more specific functions once being tested with actual users. This effort was just a beginning for an enormous scope. There are many other ideas that I have collected throughout my career of working in the music industry and I am hoping to use the outcome of this project for future advancement to create a real impact on the communication and fair job opportunities for the musicians’ community.

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