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design for all | accessibility

My experience as a teacher for the visually impaired sparked a desire to make life easier for people facing challenges. UX/UI design became my passion, benefiting diverse groups. Studying accessibility design and WCAG 2.2 allows me to create inclusive designs for all users. Accessibility design is vital, promoting inclusivity, legal compliance, and better user experience. It also opens new business opportunities. Designing inclusively taps into a significant market, enhances brand reputation, and benefits users, organisations, and society as a whole.

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Sustainable UX/UI is crucial, focusing on environmental, social, and economic well-being in designing user experiences and interfaces. It aims to minimize negative impacts and promote positive outcomes for users and the planet. To achieve this, designers can adopt approaches like minimalistic design, dark mode, energy-efficient animations, sustainable color palettes, responsiveness, adaptive design, and efficient image compression. These practices contribute to reducing waste and creating a greener digital footprint.

design system

Design systems are vital for UX/UI designers as they offer a collection of reusable components, guidelines, and assets. These systems ensure consistent user experiences, build trust, and increase efficiency by saving time and effort. They are scalable and adaptable to product growth and facilitate effective teamwork among designers, developers, and stakeholders. Design systems also maintain brand identity and consistency across various touchpoints, making them essential tools for designers.

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