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Hello! I'm Samin!

A UX/ UI Designer with a background in graphic design and music. I'm eager to offer several years of experience in music, culture and design to a challenging new role.


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UX/ UI Project: Musixpert

Musicpert is a local web-based application for Torontonian that help users who are looking for local music experts for different demands such as teaching, composing, arranging, playing, etc. to connect and find the right person(s) for their project/class.

UI Project: Heim

Heim App is a responsive web app that offers various properties, mostly in three famous cities of Iceland. This app tries to provides more information for non-Icelandic people who determined to move to Iceland and want to know more about tax information before buying properties.

UX/ UI Project: Easy Care (ONGOING)

Easy Care is a local web-based application for Swedish elderlies which offers various features for different demands. Some features such as medical needs, call to the family or friends, discount list based on location and some other essential features like weather, calendar, a reminder for medications, emergency call with a chat and video options. The app is user-friendly with a straightforward and minimal layout that made with right colours, and unique accessibility settings (audio and visual) Easy Care also provides a feature for an easy way of searching medications and pills with images and description about them.

Want to know more or talk about a project together?

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