Get to know Me

Get to know Me

Get to know Me

Get to know Me

my journey

I'm Samin, a Visual Experience Designer with over fifteen years of experience in Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Iran.

My background is primarily in classical music, but a significant turning point in my journey occurred when I dedicated myself to teaching music to visually impaired individuals. This experience opened my eyes to the harsh reality of exclusion faced by people with disabilities. This eye-opening experience ignited a strong determination in me to address this issue head-on.

Currently, I am passionately involved in creating user-friendly solutions to bridge the accessibility gap. I bring my expertise to frog Design, which is a part of Capgemini Invent. As a global citizen, my journey has taken me through the diverse landscapes of Toronto, Göteborg, Oslo, and my hometown, Teheran.

My artistic passions go beyond design and include a love for dramatic art, opera, jazz, and a deep appreciation for the simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian minimal design. Join me in shaping a brighter future, not only for today but also for the generations that follow and our planet

the Team

Meet the people behind the screens. These are the ones making all of this possible.

Design For All


Ova Schulist

Partner & CTO

Mohammad Beier

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Bud Luettgen

Digital Designer

Chelsey Hintz


Dasia Christiansen

Project Manager


My Design Process Follows These Steps


The Explorer's Quest

I dive into the sea of knowledge, powered by my favourite mug of black coffee as my sidekick, and uncover treasures of insights like like a detective, armed with my trusty caffeine boost.


Stormy Brainwaves

I gather my creative crew in the idea zone, where imaginations run wild and cook up ideas like a bunch of kitchen wizards, fuelled by laughter and maybe a little treat or two.


Painting Dreams

Now it's the time to enter the realm of design magic, where ideas come to life & inspiration flows freely. I paint my visions onto the canvas of creativity & another black coffee


Conversations with Souls

Then I set off on a friendly chat adventure, armed with questions and a warm smile and inviting them to share their stories and insights.


The Sculptor's Touch

Like a sculptor carving from stone, I delicately shape my designs, sculpting them into form with patient precision, ensuring each curve and contour tells a story of purpose and elegance.


Melodies of Interaction

Infusing my creations with the harmony of interactivity, I strive to create experiences that resonate deeply with each soul they touch.


Bridges of Connection

Crafting pathways of accessibility,
I ensure that my designs are welcoming to all, building bridges that unite rather than divide.


Guardian of Tomorrow's Dreams

As a steward of sustainability, I nurture my creations with care, sowing seeds of environmental consciousness to ensure they bloom for generations to come.


My Grand Symphony of Design

I believe each method is a note, and together, they compose a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of imagination. And as the final crescendo, we embrace our role as guardians of tomorrow, ensuring that our designs not only inspire but also sustain the world we inhabit.

a place for presenting a mosaic of my educational tapestry, woven intricately through the fabric of time and experience.


User Experience Design Path | Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
Interaction Design Path |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
Visual Design Path |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
User Interface Design Path |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
Product Manager Path |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
Product Manager |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
Marketer |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
User researcher |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]
Excecutive |
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) [Diploma]

[ ongoing ] , Aarhus| Denmark (Remote)

What is Service Design | Swiss Innovation Academy [Course]

[ September 2023 ] , Lausanne, Vaud | Switzerland (Remote)

Art Direction and Leadership | AWWWARDS. [Certificate]
Building Better User Experiences With a Product Thinking Approach | AWWWARDS. [Certificate]
Make Design Systems People Want to Use | AWWWARDS. [Certificate]
Webflow From Figma Design to Development to Freelancing | AWWWARDS. [Certificate]

[ August 2023 ] , Valencia, Valencia | Spain (Remote)

Foundation of User Experience Design | Google , Coursera [Certificate]

[ May 2023 ] San Francisco,CA | USA (Remote)

Design for Accessibility: (WCAG 2.2) | Udemy [Certificate]

[ ongoing ] , San Francisco, CA | USA (Remote)

Rapid Usability Research for UX | Loop11, Coursera [ Certificate ]

[ May 2023 ] , Sacramento, CA | USA (Remote)

The Accessibility for Your Design with WAVE | Coursera [Certificate]

[ Ongoing ] , Sacramento, CA | USA (Remote)

ImpAct ( Planet-Centric Design ) | Capgemini Invent [Certificate]

[ October 2022 ] , Oslo | Norway

BeSci - Behavioural Science | frog Design New York ( A Part of Capgemini Invent)  [Certificate]
Hosted by Matt Wallaert and Teis Jorgensen

[ June 2022 ] , New York NY | USA

UP Green Program | Capgemini Invent [Certificate]

[ May 2022 ] , Oslo | Norway

Conversation AI | Voice Interaction Design | Digital Assistant Academy ( DAA ) [Certificate]

[ ongoing ] , Ann Arbor, MI | USA (Remote)

Human Computer Interaction ( HCI ) | Interaction Design Foundation ( IxDF ) [Certificate]
Gestalt Psychology and Web Design |
Interaction Design Foundation ( IxDF ) [Certificate]
UI Design for Successful Patterns |
Interaction Design Foundation ( IxDF ) [Certificate]

[November 2020] , Aarhus | Denmark (Remote)

User Experience Program | CareerFoundry School [Diploma]
Specialisation in User Interface |
CareerFoundry School [Diploma]

[June 2020] , Berlin | Germany (Remote)

Experimental Typographic Design | Domestika [Course]
Design to Communicate
| Domestika [Course]
Automated Editorial Design
| Domestika [Course]
Design of Experimental Typography
| Domestika [Course]

[ December 2019 ] , Berkely, CA | USA (Remote)

Typography and Layout | Ryerson Uni. School of Design and Communication [Course]

[ May 2011 ] , Toronto | Canada

Drawing, Typography, Digital Applications, & Printing | George Brown College  [Course]

[ November - 2010 ] , Toronto | Canada

Classical Music - Piano Performance | University of Applied Science [BA of Fine Arts]

[ May 2007 ] , Teheran | Iran


Selected clients

We’ve worked with some great companies over the years. Here's a selected few.


In Tehran's bustling streets, I took my first steps amidst the lively colours and scents of Persian life. Canada welcomed me with open arms, where I embraced the diversity of opportunity. Sweden's serene landscapes then beckoned, leading me to explore the depths of my soul amidst nature's quiet whispers.
Now, in the heart of Oslo's urban rhythm, I stand at the brink of a new journey, my roots entwined with the earth's rich soil.  

With a background in classical music, I've blended my passions for music, design, and gardening into a harmonious tapestry.
As I think about what comes next in my life's journey, I feel comfort in the simple tune of nature and the steady beat of life itself. Nice to meet you, fellow journeyer, as we walk together through life's song.

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Design Tools: Figma | Sketch | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Adobe XD | InVision | Marvel | Zeplin | ProCreate | AfterEffect

Collaboration Tools: Jira | Miro | Notion | Abstract | Slack | Zoom | Keynote | Microsoft 365 | Discord

Competencies: UI & UX Design | Responsive Design | Visual Design | Creative Thinking | Brand Design


In this one life we've got, I'm all about following what makes my heart sing. It doesn't matter if things fit neatly together or not. I'm a music lover, painting with colours and shapes, and digging my hands into the earth as I tend to my garden. I've tried my hand at different gigs, from teaching tunes to folks who can't see to cruising around on a tractor, getting my hands dirty in the fields. Sure, I've realised I'm not the best cook in the kitchen, but hey, I'm all about experimenting and getting creative with whatever ingredients I've got on hand.
Because being a creative artist isn't just about mastering one thing; it's about embracing the messiness of the process and finding beauty in every little imperfection. So whether I'm strumming a chord, dabbing paint on a canvas, or attempting a new recipe, I'm diving in headfirst, knowing that each experience adds another layer to the masterpiece that is my life.

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