Persian Cats

My mixed media artwork delves into the world of Persian cats in a distinctive manner. Rather than focusing on the recognised breed, I draw inspiration from the real Persian cats that gracefully roam outdoors across Iran. These cats, though not specifically Persian in breed, hold a profound significance within the country’s cultural landscape. Guided by the ornate motifs found in Persian rugs and the unique features of short-haired cats, my illustrations take shape through a harmonious blend of diverse artistic techniques and materials. By combining various media, I aim to capture the essence of these outdoor cats and their deep connection to Persian culture. Through the incorporation of Persian rug patterns, I pay tribute to the artistic traditions and exquisite craftsman-ship of Iran. These intricate motifs not only enhance the visual allure of my artwork but also symbolise the pro-found cultural heritage embodied by these feline companions. With my mixed media illustrations, I invite viewers to appreciate the extraordinary beauty and cultural significance of these outdoor cats as true representatives ofIran’s Persian cats. My intention is to celebrate their presence and honor their place within the intricate tapestry of the country’s cultural identity.


Pen and Paper




Adobe Photoshop

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