Chimney (B2C)

Chimney AI is an innovative startup striving to become the go-to platform for real estate information and decision-making. With a primary focus on assisting real estate buyers, the company also provides valuable tools for realtors and sellers.Initially launching in Toronto, Chimney AI has ambitious plans to expand its services to other major cities in NorthAmerica.

At Chimney AI, the mission is to empower buyers with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. The platform operates on a data-driven approach, leveraging multiple reliable data sources to deliver comprehensive in-sights to home buyers. By offering a wealth of information and building trust with users, Chimney AI aims to transform the real estate industry by equipping buyers with the re-sources they need to make confident choices.

My Role :

Lead User Interface Design

Collaborating in Competitive Analysis

Collaborating in Redesign the Design System

Tools :



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Powerpoint


Pen and Paper

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