Heim (B2C)

Heim App is a responsive web application that specializes in showcasing properties in three prominent cities inIceland. It is tailored for individuals who are considering a move to Iceland and need essential tax information be-fore buying a property. The app enables clients to remotely explore properties via video calls and provides 360-degree views of the surrounding areas. Additionally, it offers informative pages serving as an “open guide” to Iceland’s major cities, providing valuable insights for potential residents.

my role :

This project provided me with a thrilling chance to sharp-en my UI skills while immersing myself in the enchanting world of Iceland. With its breathtaking and distinctive landscape, Iceland presents a captivating backdrop for architects and their bold architectural designs. As a young professional with aspirations of building a successful future and finding my ideal home, this project fueled my motivation to meet its requirements. Through extensive research of online resources and market criteria, I meticulously crafted the application’s framework to accurately represent the functioning of Iceland’s housing market, taking into account the country’s unique cultural and geographical aspects.

tools :

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign


Optimal Sort

Usability Hub



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