Norra Zonen (B2C)

It’s been about a year that our world has been turned around. At the end of 2019 we heard about a new virus that was going viral, a virus that no one had heard about before. At that time, no one thought it would soon become a global pandemic. Over a year later, Covid-19 has become our biggest concern, and rightfully so.

As a designer, I wanted to do my part in helping to fight the disease in any way that I could. I thought it would be necessary to create an app that could track the spread of the virus in Nordic countries. “Norra Zonen” is more than just a covid tracker. It enables the user to select their country and receive daily updates specific to their country. It also allows for vaccine clinic registrations and connects the user with medical staff in case they need advice.

My aim with this app is to help and educate people in Nordic countries not only about Covid-19 but also their access to their health benefits and medical profile. It is crucial that we reach herd immunity, as the more people are immunized against Covid through the vaccine and the more they know how to stay safe, the sooner we can defeat this.

My Role:


Market Analysis

Visual Design

Interaction Design



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Pen & Paper

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